My boy’s grazing skies
with his guitar and sparkly eyes
and though i know he’s feeding me lies
I’m in love with they way we are.

Watching the world go round far behind,
he said “baby let’s never go back”
The cheers to his ears are sounding like
hallelujahs’ chanted for his pride
and though he knows it won’t last forever
he’s in love with the way it is.

Everyday, I do just what he tells me
and I’ve succumb to the silent stars,
and my boy’s content when I’m quiet
enraged when I’m filled with delight.
Though i know he’s eating up my confidence
I’m still in love with the way he’s like.

We hear others say I’m not supposed to be
beside someone who can’t accept me,
he covers my ears and holds me tight
as tight as how he holds me at night
and oh my, I can’t live without something like that.
Though i know it’s naive and destructive,
I’m in love with the way he’s bad for me.

Yes, I know we’ve gone too far up
and that I’ve lost myself trying to keep him.
We’ve forgotten what we were holding so dear
and he’s turned into someone I no longer know.
Still, I am and always will be
in love with this boy I can’t let go of.

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