i fell in love with a man buried too deep…

“…and choking on the dirt of his own thoughts. I wanted to dig him out of there but then I remember, I’m just in the same place he is in.”

Down to the core of earth I go
deep inside it,
I found your words etched on its walls
they’re dark and morbid,
not so happy
but it’s fine,
mine too aren’t exactly

Up in the space of nothingness
in a black hole,
you found me wandering,
lost and lonely,
not so happy
but then you aren’t yourself

But hey,
Don’t you think
this is the place for us to stay?
This’ where the moments don’t pass by
only until when we’re full to cry
then we can just wash up the scene,
and call it a night,
wake up to a brand new sunshine.

A world of only our miseries,
our melancholic imagination,
our own tormenting agonies,
a place of desolation,
a world for only the two of us
and i guess that’s what makes it
two less lonely people
in the real world
so come on,
down to the core of earth,
let’s go.






Spill it out, bruh.

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