For you and you alone.

“These flowers are watered by my very tears-
salted by love and longing,
I hope you don’t mind my crying eyes,
for my heart can only take so much suffering.”

You gave me daisies when we were young,
as yellow as the sun against the bluest sky.
Our fingers brushing while playing in the sand-
felt and unforgotten.

We were teens when you gave me jasmines,
asking me to prom for tomorrow night.
Oh, how delighted was I to hear those words-
spoken and unforgotten.

The roses came later in my life,
as red as my cherry lips you’ve always loved.
Those words you told me are etched in my heart,
forever will be unforgotten.

You are one of the flowers you give me-
beautiful, cherished, and delightful to see
yet, fleeting, a goner, ephemeral, temporary
Alas! How could I have forgotten?

Now, it’s time for me to give you these-
these that made me smile through all the years,
these flowers I lay beside your gray tile-
whispering, “Hey, it was worthwhile.”


Spill it out, bruh.

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