Above the clouds

it’s less than heaven but still, for me, a state of perfection

In my imagination,
I built for us
a palace secluded
from anything
and everything
we’ve ever known

In there,
I kept for us
a treasure to be hidden
until we’re old and barren
for us to savor
until the end of our forever

Inside it,
I took from my heart
a piece of my own,
a piece of my soul,
intended for you
and you alone

And if ever,
I make it to the end
faster than you will,
I want you to be there
in our palace,
with the treasure,
crying for nobody,
not even for me,
’cause after all,
everything was only
in my imagination

"Dream all you want, there's no price to pay"
 "In dreaming, yes. But to make it a reality, there's much to pay for."
 "But, if it's worth it then everything would pay off in the end."

"That is if it is indeed worth it."

Spill it out, bruh.

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