Hostile at six o’clock.
Don’t look back.

He was, for her, the sun and stars
The only thing she sees may it be day or night
He was, in her eyes, a radiant light
A blazing fire that burned too bright
He was, in her mind, her precious knight
But all of these were cast behind a veil of white

She liked him in particularly many ways
But she was too afraid to admit it in any way
So what she did was wander and stray
From the one she liked, from the one she wanted

To herself she can’t deny her undying admiration
If she hadn’t been careful, it would simply show by her actions
But she fought and worked against it,
For her it was a trap, a treacherous kind of bait

Above all these, she liked him still
But the matter is that she was too afraid
That she may fall in love too soon
And to get lost in the city of infatuation

While he, he always had his eyes set on something
Nobody knew, they thought it was just nothing
Only his heart knows very well
That in love he had already deeply fell

But he wasn’t her type of knight and shining armor
And his mind needed some kind of closure
So he searched, and searched and waited
There came nothing, he was secretly disappointed

And because she was terror-stricken and petrified
And because he was indecisive and disinclined
They turned their backs from what they wanted
And walked the path without anything, just separated

Now their backs are facing each other
And tears fall down from both their eyes
Weeping for something they have lost
Or maybe for something they could have gotten

After everything, they still look forward to an oblivion
Trying to take a look and see each other’s apparition
But before departing, they marked each other as a danger zone
All just because of a ridiculously minimal hesitation

For all the troubles I've gone through, 
and for all the humps and bumps I've eluded,
you all serve a purpose. 
Whether to teach me a lesson 
or make me not meet a certain condition, 
no one knows. 
I just wait for fate to gavel.

Spill it out, bruh.

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