for those who I love the most

I’d never stop working hard to impress you

I’d do anything, I’ll go in many ways

To make you see

And let you feel

That I am more than a hundred percent willing to amaze you

From narrow streams

To continent connecting oceans

I’d cross them

For you

From sleepless nights

To depressing failures

I’d overcome them

For you

From sticks and stones

To ammo and grenades

I’d catch them

For you

From continuous hardships

To intolerable tortures

I’d endure them

For you

From zero to everything

From nothing to something

I’d become the one

For you

Even if the world

Isn’t the nicest

Even life itself

Turns too rude for us all,

I’d tell you about the beauty,

I’d make you see the wonders

Of every horrible nightmares,

Of every little detail,

Of every negativity,

Of every sad truth

All of them,

I would Turn into golden statues

For you

I’d never think twice

About doing something

If it makes you proud

Then the deal is on

And I’m all set,

I’d be ready to take off



If you please,

You can come

Because if everything

And everyone

Turns me down,

I know a place

Somewhere I can run off to

And cry

To wash them down,

Shake every piece of what’s hurting me

And I know,

When that happens

You’d be in that place

Waiting for me

So I’ll do anything,


Just to here you say

Very good,

Well done,

Just one more time

Just one last time

Before one of us would

Be gone


Spill it out, bruh.

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