Dear 1990

see you in the future

1990 come back to me
Tell me it’s just not a dream
Comfort me ’till I go to sleep
I want you here to stay with me

1990 snuggle with me
Whisper things into my ears
Never giving in to the breeze
Brought by all those lonely years

1990 you don’t know me
But I do know you very well
Let face the truth and face the world
Tell everyone we’re here to rule them all
We’ll have our backs all secured
’cause 1990, you are the big deal after all

1990 kiss me good night
But promise you’d be here ’til morning light
1990 give me all you’ve got
Marry me and treat me right

1990 let’s both get crazy
Let’s leave this city hazily
Get ourselves a cozy place
Where we’ll spend our lives ’til’ the end

1990 just take a while
Travel the world,  take all your time
I’ll wait here for you under the sky

‘Til then I’d smile for you from afar.


Spill it out, bruh.

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