What They Fought Hard For

it is by the mistakes committed in the past that we learn today

While walking down the streets of my city, a question came out from the back of my mind. What if the wars never stopped? What if no one was there to fight for us all? What if the motherland never gave birth to a savior?

Before you enjoy your liberty, take a little look in the past.

Getting stabbed with a newly forged sword, my body gives out to its pressure. My blood, sizzling and trickling, leaves dirty red trails down my perfectly white suit. My fists which were once clenched tightly are now opened, letting the blood collect at the tip of my fingers and finally splatters down onto the ground.

This is what it feels like, seeing her taken captive by men riding black horses and carrying killing machines.

They reaped it all, the golden chains, the silver stones, even the slightest hint of copper ores didn’t escape from their filthy hands.

And they killed them all, the mighty ones, the brave ones, the patriotic men who came out from their safe haven. Oh what kind of men are they? Killing the newborns like they’re pigs, raping their mothers as if they are theirs, and killing the fathers for fighting for their families.

And their big ships, which lined the shores of our motherland, contain all their foreign  things. Things that were new to us, things we didn’t quite understand the science behind, things that took the fire of life from our nation.

These things, they drop it everywhere, shattering and breaking everything around the spot where it landed. They set fire to every little thing they come across. These men put their hands on everything we have always valued, and they would either break it or take it with them.

And yet despite of all these invasions going on, there are people of the country who are ready to die, who are kindheartedly willing to sacrifice everything. These people, we call them, heroes.

Today is the sum of events of the past. Today is the product of the factors of yesteryears. Today is what history has defined. This freedom we all enjoy and take granted for is the main thing that our Heroes fought hard for. They are the ones that paved the way into safety and security. They are the ones that made the storm stop from raging on. 

But the question still remains: Would we be in a better situation if it wasn’t for the wars, or for the revolutions?

For that, no one knows. Fate takes the path only known to itself.


Spill it out, bruh.

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