only you can free yourself from wherever they kept you locked in

I never let anybody see through the barrier. I never let anybody go through it. Now, as I gaze through the hollow while the dust settles on the ground, I know I’ve been breached.

I’ve spent too much time building it up, I haven’t noticed people milling around. Whether to see someone cowardly hiding from the world or to witness a life changing attempt, i don’t know.

Brick by boring brick, i piled them up. Time has left me and I haven’t had even the slightest chance to see the world. All the blood and sweat wasted, was it worth it?

Every time the doorbell rings, I give no care. ‘Cause this is what they lead me to do, to close my self off and hide myself from the never ending miseries of the world. They told me that outside, there is only cruelty. But there’s something they forgot to tell me.

Maybe the light passing through the gap in the wall would lead me somewhere more peaceful. Some place where there’s more than loneliness and negativity. Maybe this is the enlightenment I have always wanted. The kind of spark my dully ignited form needed.

There’s this thought forming inside my head. I once had it before but they told me to let it go. “It is foolish to get on with the battle without so much of a weapon”, they said. And I asked them about the weapon, and they told me to just let it go. Am I supposed to just let go of everything then? For that, they didn’t have an answer.

And since then I carried on with building this frontier. I didn’t know the purpose but they told me time will come itself to tell me just that. And so I waited for the time. Little did I know it was the time that is waiting for me.

It was until that thought clouded up my mind once again that made me wonder even more. What’s the purpose? Why can I never go out? What’s with the barrier building? This time I didn’t let them go. I let these questions go deeper into my mind and search for the long lost answers.

When I found none, time greeted me hello. And so the walls started to collapse.

And at last, I let the tools fall from my hands, I let my feet crash through the broken glass, I let the falling bricks be as they may be, I let myself free the the prison they taught me to call home.


Spill it out, bruh.

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