A Sonnet

what makes it not just another story?

First, a story must be gold

Never been told, filled with mysteries to unfold
A story must have a goal
Can be understood even by a fool
Must have lands to sow
Must have winds to blow
A story should have a foundation
Found in your own imagination
A story must be catchy
As deep as a voice that is husky

It doesn’t matter if it is short or long
As long as it have its own song
From A to Z, I would like to mention, 
A story has a powerful, underlying intention

Each and everyone of us has his own story to tell. These stories, we can simply tell just
by looking at them. How they act, how they interact, how they speak, and how they
react. But there are people who are masters at hiding the truth, but it only takes a
little effort in order to squeeze it out of them. Make them see you're there for them,
make them feel you care for them. Yes, I know this sounds cliché, but this is a truth.
Everybody needs somebody. If we start swimming through the deepest part of the
ocean, we'll see the real beauty that lies underneath it, just like if we start helping
each other remove our masks, we'll see the real story that hides behind it.



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