When you feel like life is pointless and you don’t see the beauty in anything

Nothing to see in a black and white picture
Nothing to anticipate from a monotonous and constant nature
Nothing to expect from a terribly sophomoric creature
No point in reading a denotative literature
Nothing to yield and gain from a valueless treasure
Nothing to do during a tiresome leisure
No chance of escaping when there’s too much pressure

You feel like a burning paper, turning into dirty ashes
The melting candle is nothing more than what you are
You see yourself as an insignificant human being
The flood is pushing you downward
Deep down into the depths of depression

Still, you keep on living
You still keep on walking
You still keep on moving

Now that’s a one word multi-million question.

Why does one keeps on fighting when there’s no longer a cause to fight for?
Just for the sake of survival?
Or is it just because no one wants to be seen and remembered as a quitter?

We live in a cruel world, in a place where everyone thinks he’s relevant and important
A world that belongs in a vast universe, in an infinite black space
Now, tell me again how important you are

It’s absurd really
For me to think that no one is truly significant
But as I write this one, I’ve come to think of it,
We are only special because of your individuality
But in truth, we are just creatures living in a place
A place that even us can’t explore completely
A place that holds too much secrets and wonders

It’s what we have to see
Despite of all the wars and rampages and violence
We usually experience

It’s a wild, wild world
And we are nothing against it
No one can really go against the current
Whether you like it or not,
It’s what you are and it’s what you’re going to be

That’s just how the system works
And we have to live with it.


Spill it out, bruh.

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