Either you face the madness or you challenge the silence. 

The coldness of the snow is waiting outside
For you to come out of your warm shelter
Dark shadows are creeping outside
Peeking into your safest shelter

It may be time to get out now
To see the world
The wicked world
It must have been the right time
To wear it down
Your toughest shield

And the wicked truth
About life and love
Will come seeking for you
To break your heart
So it’s up to you
If you’ll come out

Time is ticking away
Drops of blood getting wasted
Just for nothing
The time is running too fast
Makes you get lost of track
Now there’s no turning back

Where have you been?
Where are you hiding?
You’re not in you’re safest haven
Everything is spinning around
The world is sinking down
But you can’t go down with it
There’s dark, there’s fire
There lies the wicked souls

Place your feet on a stable ground
No one knows how it goes
No one knows the price
It does its things
And we do ours
No one can change it
‘Cause it’s just how the world works
It’s better to be safe
Keep your eyes out for the wicked
Keep your eyes out for the wild


Spill it out, bruh.

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