I can see through the wall, you’re broken and hopeless. 

You’ve got a tough facade built around your system
It makes you look alive
Even though you’re dying inside

You’ve got a shield that prevents you from crying
Well, I know from the start you’ve been trying
To make your bad past not affect your future

Well I’ve heard the sad stories you’ve gone through
How that one man left you all alone
How your dreams once crashed in front of your eyes

And, I just want to be
The one who makes you happy
I can color your life
Bring your drawings to life

I’ll help you go through life
‘Cause I know it’s hard
But hey I’m your friend
I just want to be
The one that makes you happy

There are things I want to know about you
Where you got your talent, I want to know
If it’s the only thing left that gives you closure

Yes, I know we’re not close enough
To have me say these things
But isn’t it this kind of things that starts a new friendship

I have things to offer
I bet you’ll like
I have not a gift in arts
But you can teach me some

I’ll be the paint brush and you’re the canvas
I’ll share my colors with you
I’m going to fill your world with hope and happiness
Remove all the negativities you’re thinking about
And all of the doubts you have
Will be erased and refilled with blazing colors

Tell me how can I bring you back to life

Even though that face always shows a smile
I want to be the one to remove that plaster
And replace it with something original
Something true, something better

I don’t know when this feeling started
It just came out of the blue
And pushed me forth to you
It came from somewhere
Deep down my brain
Or my heart, or my soul
Who knows?
But the thing is, it’s here.
It’s alive, and it’s living.


Spill it out, bruh.

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