To acads or not to acads: a question of prioritization and existence

In the past few months, the students of IV-Roentgen have been suffering from too much requirements and from the burden of having extracurricular activities. In both cases, they are being refrained from staying academically active in class and that’s what their teachers are starting to complain about. Time management, therefore, is currently the students’ greatest yearning.

Extracurricular activities are non-mandatory activities that students may participate in, that fall outside the realm of the normal school or university curriculum. Such activities could affect a student’s academic performance both negatively and positively. They could either add up to the student’s grades or they could hinder the student from participating in his actual subjects.

It is important to know one’s priority: it is either the academics or the curricular activities, there is no middle ground, especially for senior students who have not much time to spare. It is possible to have both things in one’s radar but balancing the two are way too risky, there will a come time when one has to pick just one.

On the brighter side, already a number of seminars have been held by different successful speakers to talk to MaScians about time management. However and truthfully, they just came and went. No trails were left behind, no motivations nor tips were emphasized enough and no road to ‘wise time management’ was cleared and paved thoroughly because all of them talked about the same things over and over again. None of them was able to pinpoint the major problem: we don’t lack skills in time management, there simply is no time left to manage.

Now, multitasking and cramming may sound as good solutions but think again. Multitasking may help you survive at first but as time goes on, you’ll find it very tiring for you have to put twice the effort. Multitasking will help you cover the things needed to be covered but it will not help you be better at doing them. It simply is energy consuming and the results are not satisfactory. Cramming is also discouraged for it has the same outcome with multitasking. The major difference is that multitasking is done to save time while cramming is done when you have no more time. Unfortunately, in most cases, we usually multitask when cramming. (Which is a double negative but still not positive)

In effect, before participating in extracurricular activities,  make sure you are in the right condition to do so.  You have to be very careful in weighing your options, the pros and cons, and  your priorities.  You should think about your main goal and why you are here in the first place.

Also, keep in mind that learning is a process,  it doesn’t have to be rushed.  By applying the law of economic order,  you have to do first the things that are essentially needed and one of those is to actively participate in your required academic subjects.


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