The Calling

Rise up! Unfulfilled responsibilities are calling for you.

It was the jingling and the tinkling of the bells that woke me up today.
It was the mighty hands of an unknown and invisible force that hauled from my unconscious state.
It was the current of the water that finally pushed me ashore from the island of nowhere.
It was the roaring of the imaginary crowd that clouded up my mind and filled me with sound.
It was a magnificent butterfly that kissed my nose in order to give me a little spark.
It was the voice hiding in the deepest and innermost part of my existence that called me.
It was my conscience that brought me back to life and continuously telling me that I still have pending tasks to accomplish.

Then suddenly, I could feel my whole body tremble as if trying to arise from the depths of the grave.
I could feel all the energy entering my body, their effects hastily kicking in.
I could feel the complicated system of gears inside my mind turn, slowly then gradually speeding.
I could feel all these forces reuniting in order to give a long dead corpse a breath of life.

Then suddenly, my whole body jumped, my feet landed on the floor, eyes widely opened, arms raised up high. Oh, what an amazing way to wake up.

And so my journey continues.


Spill it out, bruh.

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