The Dying Man’s Soliloquy

When that day comes that you’ll have to leave. 

Nights like this I just like to trudge along the deserted sidewalks.

Sometimes I would like to bring with me a cup of coffee to keep p me company,

And then I would think of the things that happened to me that day.

I’d smile at all the happy ones and then I’d reflect on the lesser ones.

I then would stop and look back, estimating how far I’ve already walked,

And then I would carry on and keep on singing the song stuck in my head.

Head bowed down, one hand in my pocket, I would silently weep.

Not because I feel sorry for my myself being alone,

Not because I feel bad for myself for always being neglected,

And totally not because nobody wants to be with me.

Truth is, they all want to be with me, they all would like to be my friend.

But something is just stopping them, and I don’t know what it is.

So then nights like this, I let my tears fall.

It’s a tribute I offer to the people I cannot be with,

It’s like a sad song with nothing to say about a lifelong loneliness.

It’s just, I like to voice out my feelings, but I can’t.

So this is all that I could offer, my tears.

Only now I’ve found out the force that keeps me away from everybody,

And it’s the fear of being left alone.

So then nights like this I would like to trudge along the bare and empty streets.

I let them see me walk  this paved road of life from their railed windows.

I let them shout their encouragements behind their thick walls.

I let them cry for me, for my loneliness, for my departure, behind those thick walls.

And despite all of their concerns, I know they don’t want to walk with me,

And it’s because they know that at the end of the road,

I would have to leave them and continue the journey,

All alone.


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