I Against the World

Sometimes I just like to live differently.
Dawn breaks as they gather in the sky
One looks up and says he’ll fly high
But not everybody could see the light
‘Cause sometimes it shines just too bright
These little things they’ve got
Those big black things I fear not
But even though they treat me unwell
If I go, I’ll still bid them farewell
I have not the greatest strength
I can’t take one more breath
Those things they throw at me
Will help me make myself free
I may not be perfect
But who is? Not even the prefect
I guess this’ how we’re made
In just a matter of time, we’ll fade
Dawn breaks as they gather in the sky
Look up, just how I did, to see the light
Close your eyes if they’re blinding you
And once you opened them, you’ll start anew
They think small knives could hurt somebody
They think words could take down anybody
But what they don’t know and never will
Is that only the greatest could kill
Hopes- there are too many up there
I can’t fly so do I still care?
Opportunities- there are as abundant as air
I can no longer breath so would I care?
Seven billion, they said, is a big number
But don’t you think, one is even greater?
‘Cause without the smallest digit
You’ll never surpass the limit
So no matter how hard it is
I would run against the breeze
And if I trip and nobody catches me,
I’ll get up and show them my real intensity
If you see me and decided to come along
You’re welcome as long as you’ll sing me a song
A sweet song of hope and of happiness
To make this long journey just another test

Spill it out, bruh.

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