When the tale is told, they become alive.

Darce walked up the steps of the narrow stair leading only to a door- the door to her new room. She had begged her mother to give her the room with the most windows for she feared the absence of the sky above her at night. Slowly, she opened the plain wood door and let her eyes set on everything inside the room. She let her bags fall to the ground as she started for the window on the left. Heavy cloaks placed as curtains was removed and dropped to the floor which she hastily kicked aside. She peered through the dust covered window and let her hand brush the dirt off. To her surprise, the glass jerked and the glass hit the ground so hard she saw its shattered pieces flying everywhere.

At dinner, she told her father about the broken window and he said he’ll fix it first thing in the morning. They eat while sharing jests and stories. Darce can’t help but smile.

That night Darcy can’t go to sleep. Her eyes were locked on the windowless frame, wishing the sky wasn’t starless and then she saw it: a black figure against the dark blue sky, almost invisible. It’s hidden beneath the dark shadows of endless trees, a tower or a light house it seems. Goosebumps spread all over her body as she stared at the black tower.

Three hard knocks brought her back to reality. She doesn’t know how or why but suddenly she was there, standing by the window, staring at nowhere.

“What are you doing?” Her sister, Andry, stood by her bed, eyes baggy from lack of sleep.
“I…I,” she trailed off, what was she doing? One second she’s lying on the bed and the next she’s here, without even remembering if she rose or walked or what. “…don’t know,” clearly puzzled, she walked back to the bed and sat at the end.
“It’s so boring here.”
“I know, Andry.”
“Let’s go somewhere”
“Yeah, tomorrow I’m gonna see if I can tag along with brother and dad to…”
“I mean…let’s go somewhere else, now.” She glanced at the sister, wide-eyed.
“We can’t. It’s near ten o’clock plus we don’t know the place yet.” She said too fast.
“That looks fun.” Her sister said as if she didn’t hear Darce. Curious, she followed the gaze of her sister and Goosebumps spread through her body as she saw the black figure.
“No, Andry. It’s-” When she turned around, the spot where her sister had been was empty. Quickly, she ran for the door but as she turned the knob, it was locked. She’s trapped.
She shouted, for anyone, but it’s as if the walls of the room are swallowing the sound of her voice. She heard cracking noises: shoes stepping over glass. She started towards the window and below the ground stood her sister, looking up at her.
“C’mon, Darcy! If you wouldn’t, I’ll go myself”
I can’t…. I’m…The dark… What’s in it? I must not… but Andry, I can’t let her go alone. She thought. I won’t. With that, she worked her way down to the ground, she can’t remember how but he she managed it. She gulped and ran after her troublemaker sister.

“Andry, we should go back”
“Shh, Darcy. You’re such a coward.”
They were standing in front of the biggest gate she’d ever seen. Webs and other nasty things cover it but Andry didn’t seem to mind as she pushed it open.
“Welcome to Castle Black.”
“It’s just a tower, not a castle. Andry, we should go back.”
“Where?” Andry gave Darce a look of disgust.
“Home. C’mon, Andry. This place creeps me out”
“I am home” Andry said, almost to herself but Darce didn’t seem to hear.
“This was erected as a watch tower for a castle but right after they’ve finished building this, the master died and his sons flew from this place. The wife was left alone with a daughter but they didn’t have enough money to continue building the castle so they just settled in this tower.”
“How’d you know all of this?”
Andry seemed to be shocked but she quickly hid it. “Tales from neighbors,” she managed to say.
“You believe them?”
Andry didn’t answer. She seemed focused on something or nothing at all.
“It was said that the wife had gone mad and she starved her daughter to death…” Darce stared at her sister. Something about the way she talks, it’s as if she’s not her. It doesn’t make sense.

“…when the wife realized what she had done, she did the same thing to herself only it didn’t work. Three moons passed and she still lives. She decided to kill herself, burned herself with fire. There” Frightened, she followed where Andry’s finger was pointing, to a door at the far end of hall which Darce would never dare go into.

The door flew open and Darce’s instincts kicked in. She ran so fast she feared Andry wouldn’t keep up with her. Luckily, she found her running along. Something about her…so different. They ran inside a room and closed the door behind them. Panting, Darce looked at Andry.

Her body’s wet with sweat and her face gave the look of fear. Somehow, she seemed…different. Darce looked at her from head to toe and that’s when she realized it. She didn’t mind it at first but the thought troubled her so much it frightened her. Before she could state it, Andry said “Where are we, sister?”
“I don’t know. In a room”
“Why are we here? I don’t-”
“remember going here?” she finished for her. Andry nodded, expression full of horror.
“You were wearing a dress just before we went inside this room. You were the one who urged me to come here. I knew something was wrong.”
“Someone….was controlling me. Yes, she whispered….’come, bring me to…’. I-”

The door flew, literally, and hit both of them. They landed on the floor at the far end on the room, their backs againts the wall. A black figure stood above them, burning black. It seems to Darce that it was laughing, a deep growling sound that could drive her mad. She glanced at Andry whose eyes were shut. Darcy also wanted to close her eyes but she can’t.

The time stopped.
Close your eyes.
Everywhere was pitch black.
Close your eyes.
Her whole body felt cold.
Her mind can’t think anymore.
Suddenly, a fire was set behind where the black figure had been so huge she feared it might take her alive but as she came back to her senses, she remembered Andry. She found her beside her, eyes still closed.

“She’s gone. Let’s get out of here”

Seeing no other way to escape but the window, they worked their way out of it.

Stone by stone, they kept climbing down. They were almost there when the top of the tower exploded, it’s pieces falling like rain. Cement, wood, and steel, fell like black snowflakes as well as the two girls, they had lost their grip during the explosion. As they landed, Darce glanced up. She saw a black figure burning with the old tower, screaming in pain.

The wife had gone mad.
She killed her daughter.
She killed herself too.
With fire.
Now she had set their castle, her home, on fire.

She’s so mad.

They landed on a soft ground covered in mud and fallen leaves. Darce felt nothing but relief and she saw Andry watching with wide eyes.
“It’s fine. I… We’re free”
Andry didn’t see it clearly but she thought she saw Darcy smirk. Maybe she was hallucinating because right then, Andry felt dizzy.

Andry woke up on Darcy’s room, on her bed. Darcy was sitting at the end of it, staring at the window.

She turned around when she felt Andry sitting up.

“Let’s never go back there”
Andry stared at it too, the tower is gone, the night seems more peaceful without it.
“Burned to ashes.”
Andry stared at her sister. Her smile almost reached her ears and her eyes…so black, so wicked… Her full expression, so creepy.

Something about the way she talks…. So different. She gulped and said, “Darcy….”
Darce’s gaze was locked on hers.
“Darcy, is this you? ”

Darcy’s eyes grew wider, her smile even creepier.


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